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Basketball Scotland case study

The governing body of basketball in Scotland shared their experience of using the Employer Recruitment Incentive to help them hire a new member to the team.

Basketball Scotland were able to successfully hire a new member to their team using the Edinburgh Employer Recruitment Incentive (EERI). The organisation, which works across Scotland and has its head office in Edinburgh, is responsible for running all basketball across Scotland, with players ranging from 8 to 80 years old.

Basketball Scotland were looking to recruit a new member to their team and were focused on finding the best person to take on this opportunity. They had heard about EERI from one of their colleagues and decided to investigate it as an option to support with their recruitment.

Through EERI, they were able to apply for funding that could be used towards wages, training and other costs related to taking on a new hire. In addition to funding, they were also eligible for support to reach candidates facing barriers to work through the employability partners which support the Edinburgh Guarantee. The support from EERI helped the Basketball Scotland team to hire Amy MacLeod. Amy had previously completed the Edinburgh Project SEARCH programme which provides employment and learning opportunities for young people with a disability. This programme helped Amy to build transferable skills that she was able to take to her new role with Basketball Scotland.

Colin Gregor, Head of Operations at Basketball Scotland, shared the positive experience he had:

"Amy is excellent at her job and we had a real need for the work she was doing. We also saw this role as an opportunity to develop Amy as a person and help her build her confidence. Her Office 365 skill set is exceptional and she sets a standard with her work ethic for others to follow."

Amy, who was hired in 2020, shared how delighted she was to get into work:

"It’s given me responsibility which has made me feel more confident.  It’s also gotten me out the house and given me co-workers to talk to which has improved my mental health."

Amy’s story and enthusiasm have made her a terrific ambassador for the Edinburgh Guarantee. Further to her success in the role, Amy has been keen to encourage other employers to get involved. Amy expressed that she is keen to see more employers getting involved and should “give it a shot. There’s not often much difference between the work of someone with a disability and someone without.”

EERI helps employers with funding and recruitment support to create opportunities for people across the city facing barriers to employment. Learn more about the Edinburgh Employer Recruitment Incentive and Edinburgh Project SEARCH.