About us

To support the large number of people needing assistance with employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Edinburgh Guarantee is broadening its scope to support anyone who needs help around employment by creating an up-to-date directory of available support.

The Edinburgh Guarantee was established in 2011 to address the needs of school leavers who were unable to move into a positive destination following the last economic downturn. It was a collaboration between all sectors in the city to offer opportunities for these young people and support them into employment, training or further education.  Led by the City of Edinburgh Council, with support from employers across the city, a variety of innovative solutions were developed, which contributed to over 12% increase in positive destination figures for the city.

Given the new challenges brought by the pandemic, we understand that a more holistic response is needed to support people seeking employment, so we are taking this model and evolving it to meet the current needs of job seekers and employers. We are expanding the Edinburgh Guarantee to become an employer led, all age and all-encompassing offer, with specific focus on those who have additional barriers to employment.

The Edinburgh Guarantee aims to provide you with information on the range of support available in Edinburgh. Whether it’s a job, training, education or employability support, there are organisations to help you.

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