Young Person's Guarantee

The Young Person’s Guarantee is the Scottish Government’s commitment to guarantee every young person in Scotland the opportunity to access training, jobs, apprenticeships, volunteering and education. They recognise that all of these have been affected by the impact of Covid-19.

Find out more about the national Young Person’s Guarantee offer on the My World of Work website.

To make things easier for young people in Edinburgh, we have created a dedicated Young Person’s Guarantee team. They are based at Capital City Partnership, and they support young people, aged 16 to 24 to access:

  • training
  • jobs and Apprenticeships
  • education
  • volunteering.

The Young Person’s Guarantee team regularly meets with over 50 different organisations including the Edinburgh Guarantee team to make sure they have the latest information on opportunities for you.

We are also funding additional Young Person’s Guarantee projects in Edinburgh to provide employability support for young people. 

The team can support you if you already have an idea of what you’d like to do in the future. Or if you just want a chat to explore options, they can help with that too.

Get in touch with the team today for more information on support available to you.




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Get in touch with the Young Person's Guarantee team today for more information on support available to you.