I have had substance/alcohol issues

Are you affected by homelessness, a criminal record or a history of substance/alcohol misuse? If so, and you need support to move towards work, training or education, the City of Edinburgh Council funds a service that can help you. 


This service supports people with complex barriers into education, training or employment. This includes people in recovery from: 

  • substance/alcohol misuse 
  • previous offending behaviour 
  • homelessness 
  • other complex issues. 
  • It is run by Access To Industry. They can support you to overcome the barriers you face at a pace that works for you.

Website: https://accesstoindustry.co.uk/services-for-adults/encompass


As well as the projects listed here, there are many others that can help you reach your goals.

View the Find a Service directory for full details of all the services that are available.

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