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Mark Smith, Sustainability Programmes Manager at Standard Life

Mark Smith, Sustainability Programmes Manager at Standard Life

Mark talks about his experience of working with young people and why he chose to get involved with The Edinburgh Guarantee.



Frequently asked questions by employers

  • What is The Edinburgh Guarantee?

    The Edinburgh Guarantee is a vision that all sectors of the city will work together to ensure every school leaver in Edinburgh will leave school with the choice of a job, training or further education opportunity available to them.

    In 2011, the Council initiated the Edinburgh Guarantee with a goal to ensure that every local authority school leaver secures a positive destination (employment, training or further education) upon leaving secondary education.


  • As an employer interested in taking on a young person, what are my options?

    • Offer a school leaver a job
    • Offer a Modern Apprenticeship (job and funded training)
    • Offer a paid internships (average of 6 months)
    • Offer a work placement with potential for progression into a job
    • Offer work experience to a school student
    • Participate in Career Ready.

    For more information, please see the 'Get Involved' section.


  • How long can I employ a young person for?

    It depends on you and the length of time you think you can develop and add value to the skill set of the young person - many employers add young people to their workforce on a permanent basis.  We usually advise a minimum period of 6 months.


  • How do I advertise an opportunity with the Edinburgh Guarantee?

    Complete the contact us form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

    An advertisement can be posted on the Edinburgh Guarantee website within 24 hours.

  • How do you support us in our recruitment of a young person?

    When advertising an opportunity on the Edinburgh Guarantee website, we offer full administrative support throughout the recruitment process.  We do this at no cost to the employer.  We can assist with developing job descriptions into young person friendly adverts, shortlisting candidates, arranging interviews and collating feedback and contacting unsuccessful applicants on your behalf.


  • Do you offer any assistance with the interview process?

    Yes, we can assist employers with how to develop interview questions most relevant to the post with the aim of getting the best out of the candidates.  We can also be present during interviews but only if an employer wants us to be involved with the process.  The decision-making must be led by the employer only.


  • Is funding available to assist me with the young person’s wage & training?

    There are various funding options available depending on the opportunity an employer is offering.  Please see the 'Funding' section.


  • Where do you get the young people from?

    We work with all the local secondary schools to promote the Edinburgh Guarantee to young people who plan to leave school.  We also work with training organisations/programmes to promote the Edinburgh Guarantee to those who have left school within the last 3 years.  These training programmes include the Council's JET (Job, Education & Training), Inspiring Young People (IYP) and Careers Academy Programmes.

    Various other organisations also who work with young people aged 16-19 - all of whom can apply for the opportunities on the Edinburgh Guarantee website.  However, applications must meet the criteria as specified in the advertisement which is based on your requirements.


  • How are the young people prepared for the world of work?

    Young People work with a number of professionals while at schools (i.e. careers advisors, guidance teachers, etc.) and have a choice of organisations that can guide and prepare them for work once they have left education.  These organisations prepare young people for work by creating employability training programmes which usually consist of work placements, core skills training and accredited or industry related training.  Their ultimate aim is to support young people into a jobs, modern apprenticeships, additional training or further education.


  • Do I get any form of support while the young person is in employment?

    Depending on the opportunity you offer to a young person (see the 'Get Involved' section), you may receive support from business gateway, a training organisation, assessor, verifier and/or funding representative.  Irrespective of what official support is offered, the Edinburgh Guarantee team is proud of our 'no wrong door' approach - if you ever have questions or need further information, we will do our best to find the answer or signpost you in the right direction.


  • How can I support a young person without taking them on?

    Please see the 'Get Involved' section.  There are a variety of options under the heading of 'Other'.