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Marc Watson, Manager at Sainsburys

Marc Watson, Manager at Sainsbury's

Marc Watson, Manager at an Edinburgh Sainsbury's store discusses the reasons why they chose to get involved in the Edinburgh Guarantee.

Business Benefits

We work closely with employers like yourself to create opportunities for young people. Explore some of the business benefits below: 

  • A strategic and effective way to build the capacity of your workforce

  • Demonstrates your commitment towards corporate and social responsibility

  • A young person is still in 'learning mode' and picks up skills quickly with enthusiasm

  • Brand awareness and exposure of your business to a younger generation

  • An opportunity to be a mentor, role model or adviser to a young person

  • You choose who you want and nurture them into your organisation's culture, saving on future recruitment costs

  • FREE recruitment and facilitation service

  • Various funding assistance

  • Receive ongoing professional support to help the young person transition from education to employment, including those with special needs or additional support

  • Visit Our Skillsforce to find out how a young person can benefit your business.