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  • What Employers say...

    "Having young people in our workplace has been an absolutely wonderful experience"

    Mark Smith, Sustainability Programmes Manager at Standard Life

  • What Employers say...

    "School leavers tend to come without any preconceptions, so it has been a very positive experience for us"

    Beverley Burness, HR Manager at Capital Document Solutions

  • What Employers say...

    "We relate to some of the challenges young people face; understanding what it is going to be like to take that step from school into working life"

    Garry Sneddon, Project Officer at The City of Edinburgh Council

  • What Employers say...

    "The Edinburgh Guarantee means we are committing to young people; if they don't find their traditional school ride to be very appropriate for them, they are not going to be abandoned"

    Pat Chisholm, Owner of Highland Fling Nursery